Dityspray expertise protecting men and environement :

le savoir-faire protéger préserver industrialiser


Packaging tailored to your needs

The user can easily change the bag depending on their needs, whether it is empty or not

Air is a free resource, available to everyone, at all times!

One unique packaging system with a wide range of uses: less transport and handling.

No gas propulsion

Occupational hazards are limited, as well risks related to storage, transport and use of packaging containing flammable and explosive gases.

Industrialising and installing a packaging line are not subjected to SEVESO standards.

Compressed air makes it possible to use it in specific environments (confined spaces, high temperatures, etc.).
le savoir-faire protéger préserver industrialiser


A lessened environmental impact

Inospray has measured the impact of the Dityspray solution on the environment, compared with traditional aerosols. From 50 uses upwards, Dityspray packaging is 100% less damaging.

Our Ditybag, whether empty of full, are smaller than aerosols.

Limited waste

The Dityspray housing can be reused at least 5,000 times: no more throwing away!

Ditybag also produces less waste than a used aerosol and is easier to dispose of.

le savoir-faire protéger préserver industrialiser


Dityspray support

The Dityteam are here to help you learn how to use Dityspray: try your products in our packaging! We will help you choose the components most suited to your product range. We will also share our marketing and sales tools with you.

Our services

With the Dityrefill offer, we fill your Ditybag and equip them with the necessary valves and diffusers, ideal for your pre-production scale-up!

Simplify your product packaging thanks to Ditywork: discover our semi-automatic machines available to hire for €150/month.

Dityspray expertise protecting

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