Inospray is getting an industrial production tool: our automatic machine has arrived!

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Inospray is getting an industrial production tool: our automatic machine has arrived!

Inospray is getting an industrial production tool: our automatic machine has arrived!

The meeting of bulk and aerosol

Local industrial know-how

10 years ago, a crazy idea was born in the minds of a few French industrialists: to develop a box, hosting flexible bags, in which manufacturers of technical products would package their products and offer them to their customers.

After several years of development and registering numerous patents, Dityspray was born. The idea was “simple”: to bring together aerosol technology with bulk packaging technology. Inospray then designed the dome cup, the keystone of our technology. Thanks to this, a flexible Doypack-type pouch “becomes” a diffusion package: an aerosol valve is crimped onto the top of the part, while the bottom is welded to the pouch.

This operation has always been carried out by Inospray.

In the early days, we made the solution like craftsmen work with wood; by hand, with precise gestures and a sharp eye. We took care to place the flexible pouch on a welding machine, presented the cup by hand and let the magic of the welding work. A Ditybag was born. Once the bag is filled with the desired product, we position the appropriate valve – again manually. Then, placed on a pneumatically assisted seamer, the operator operates the lever that seals the bag. All that remains is to place the dispenser: Ditybag is ready to be used.

These gestures and operations, carried out within our premises, were easily reproducible for industrialists wishing to fill the bags themselves: the machines used by Inospray are also available for hire.

Since 2018, we have been devoting part of our energy to promoting the system in France and Europe: the Dityspray solution is meeting its public and is being adopted by product manufacturers and distributors. With the volumes emerging, it was necessary for us to move on to the next stage: production had to be stepped up while maintaining a high level of quality.

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The arrival of an industrial machine

At the end of 2021, a new stage was reached for Inospray: the arrival of its own workshop and storage space in Charente. The Dityteam was then busy fitting out the 500m² designed to house our production, packaging, testing, order preparation and dispatch equipment.

In March 2022, the reason for being of this space became a reality: our new production tool was installed in our premises. Gone are the days of manual production, replaced by an automated line!

With these four stations, the Ditybag is manufactured at higher speeds: designed for our needs, this machine is unique. From the presentation of the flexible bags, the supply of the collar cups to the sealing of the two components, a few seconds are now necessary. In addition, tests are carried out at various stages of the line. “Defective” bags are systematically discarded. We can now print lines of text on the bags, ensuring better traceability of the production and identification of the products once they are packaged.

In addition to the production part, we have also integrated a test bench. Independent of the production machine, the purpose of this bench is to test all the bags for micro-leaks.

 Stay tuned: in a few days we will present this equipment in video!

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