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Article dans World Aerosol : « Futur Thinking »

article dans World Aerosol : FUTUR THINKING

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Using compressed gas and providing improved recycling opportunities, Dityspray is making its mark as an alternative aerosol system


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Future thinking

Using compressed gas and providing improved recycling opportunities, Dityspray is making its mark as an alternative aerosol system

In Europe, 5.4 billion aerosols were produced in 2019. More than 280 million of these were intended for industrial and technical products. Today’s degreasers, brake cleaners, and lubricants, for example, in an aerosol can format can be packaged in a new packaging, which is healthier for human health and the environment: Dityspray.

The meeting of bulk and aerosol

Designed by Inospray, a French company that develops and markets innovative, environmentally friendly reusable packaging solutions, Dityspray is a system that is positioned as an alternative to aerosol packaging, sprayers, and cartridges for professionals.

Dity is the contraction of ’do it yourself’, because it is the user who composes and pressurises their spray at the required moment.

The Dityspray system is characterised by its transparent box, Ditybox, in which the user places a flexible product bag, Ditybag. This bag can contain liquid as well as thick, fatty or viscous products and is equipped with the same valves and nozzles as the aerosols. The pressurisation is carried out by the end-user, at the time of use of the product, with compressed air.

The air is supplied through a valve under the box, either directly from the compressed air network or using the pressurisation accessories developed by Inospray. Until the pressurisation, it is a matter of transporting and storing bulk product. This is easier than the logistics involved in pressurised equipment.

Dityspray Classic is now on the market for professional users in the industry, maintenance, and automotive sectors. These frequent users of aerosols are already equipped to use compressed air as a propellant with Dityspray. The operating pressure is 8 bar; once this air is injected, the product is ready to be dispensed as with an aerosol or a cartridge (for thick products).

To change the product bag, whether it is empty or not, simply empty the air from the box. The same Ditybox can, therefore, be reused for different product applications. This mutualisation offers a diversification of the dispensing method while keeping the same equipment. The solution distinguishes itself from the traditional single-use model of the aerosol, for example.

Dityspray brings together bulk products and aerosol technology, keeping the advantage of the aerosol spraying, without its constraints.

A safer working environment

Packaging a range with Dityspray is the first step towards products that are healthier for the environment and users while keeping the same level of effectiveness.

Adapted to the uses and needs of industry, Ditybag holds 250 ml of product, the volume traditionally used for packaging technical products in aerosol format. The volume is more accurate, as the product is packaged ‘pure’, without solvents or propellants such as butane or propane.

This packaging solution is already used by companies producing technical products such as greases, lubricants, oils, or cleaners, for instance. These companies, looking for alternatives to aerosols, can find a solution in Dityspray, thanks to the absence of propellant gas.

Indeed, the characteristic (and main strength) of the system is the use of compressed air, which makes it free from the constraints and risks associated with flammable and explosive gases, found in many aerosols. Those have consequences for both the use and the end of life of an aerosol. As the system is not constantly pressurised, there are fewer transportation and storage limitations.

Additionally, Dityspray allows for the aerosol application of a product, without being concerned by the associated hazard pictograms. This is an opportunity for manufacturers of technical products to develop formulations that move away from conventional chemistry and to provide neutral, but effective products in « 0 pictograms aerosols ».

When it comes to filling the bags, formulators can choose to fill Ditybag themselves with their products, without being concerned by SEVESO constraints. Inospray can also provide this filling service.

In terms of waste, Inospray helps companies to reduce their carbon footprint. Waste from one Ditybag is 11 times bulkier than aerosol waste; this means 11 times less waste to be collected. In addition, depending on the product packaged, Ditybag is considered as OIW.

The reusability of Ditybox also reduces the volume of packaging to be disposed of.

Although the recovery of aerosol waste is possible, it sometimes requires removal by a specialised company (as it may be considered as hazardous waste) and this has a cost associated with it. This is no longer the case with Dityspray. This alternative approach to packaging results in savings of aerosol waste processing.

A future-oriented company

An ever-growing company since the launch of Dityspray Classic, Inospray has recently recruited a European sales manager, Stephan.

« We are now aiming to offer this safe and virtuous packaging to manufacturers of technical products in Europe as fast as possible,” said a Dityspray spokesperson. “The ambition is not to replace all aerosols, but to show that alternatives are possible, all markets included.

“For instance, the COVID-19 pandemic reminds us of the importance of taking care of people and employees and of rethinking our working environments.

“In addition to technical products, hygiene and disinfection products are of course packageable in the Dityspray format. As an alternative to the manual sprayer, Dityspray can support maintenance and hygiene workers by replacing mechanical pressure on a trigger with compressed air-assisted spraying.

« Dityspray can, therefore, be an opportunity to innovate further to respond more effectively to new market demands, while differentiating itself from the competitors.”

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